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IFBBOX - Ideas for business BOX

IFBBOX ? the best way of creation of professional images and 360 videos for your business and life. This irreplaceable device for carrying out subject shooting of any object, as static, and in the movement. By means of it it is possible to create photos of goods for online stores, catalogs, lookbooks, also video clips for the advertizing companies. Purchase of IFBBox will save you from need to order studio photographing and processing of photos. Mobile platforms of IFBBox (both from below, and from above) do it universal.

IFBBox perfectly is suitable for photos and supports great video filming. Has simple and intuitively clear management. Its functions give the chance to adjust the image as it is necessary for you. The contrast, light and even color can be finished in real time. It is possible to buy 360 gadjet from us.

Technical characteristics of IFBBox:

- The built-in adjustable illumination on all surrounding walls of IFBBox excludes need of the following editing photos. Illumination of different panels can be regulated independently of each other.
- There are 60% the opaque plastic professional photofilter on the back and front panel.
- The subject can be shown on the lower platform or in the suspended state. It allows to photograph jewelry or stationary objects.
- IFBBox has two built-in flashes. One lights the front and top panel, and the second – top and back. Both flashes can be applied independently of each other.
- The accumulator automatically loads flashes. It is located on the back panel and is charged with simple pressing of the button.

You can reserve own IFBBox. For this purpose you need to enter a name, phone and e-mail on our website. How to create 360 video by yourself you learn on Ifbbox.com.

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101000, г. Москва, Маросейка ул.,
10/1, стр.2
8 (800) 333-20-25